Hi all!  It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, what with the holidays and all, lots of changes going on at the LBD, will keep you guys in the loop.  I’ve been busy Christmas shopping for others, so it was a really nice surprise to get a gift for myself in the mail!  The nice folks over at Pixers sent me the most adorable blue deer!  I love it you guys, it is so cute, in a lovely silver frame, and it now has a place of pride in my living room.  It’s kind of hipster, right?
PIXERS_Deer_56824826 (1)
If you want to be cool like me and get ya one, click here!   After all, everyone needs a little blue deer in their life!
And my best friend Rachel, who just recently discovered Pinterest (I know, like, where has she been) was commenting the other day that she wanted to make a photo wall going up her stairs.  Well, she’s in luck, because Pixers also has these awesome multiframes that make that photo collage thing easy!

Christmas is coming and once again you’ll have to face the universal problem: find the perfect gifts that will be both thoughtful and enjoyed. PIXERS Gift Guide will make it easier for you to choose a stylish present with a personal touch.


Multiframes are PIXERS’ suggestion for an all-purpose gift that could be easily personalized. Those sets of frames in a ready-to-hang arrangement are made from eco-friendly materials and come with a full-dimensional template that makes installation quick and simple. Multiframes are available in 13 different layouts, a heart-shaped one among others, and 14 vibrant colors. You should definitely take them into account if you’re looking for a gift that can be enjoyed by a whole familiy. Besides, you can easily customize them by filling with family photos.


PIXERS is a European-based online store for wall décor created by a group of interior design lovers frustrated with generic decorations. The store ships all over the world and offers a 180-day money back guarantee on all the products that in addition to wall murals include wall decals, canvases and posters.

So, give a great gift this year, if you want to really go above and beyond, get the multiframe and fill it with family photos…  awww!!!!




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