Pink Flamingo

Another reason I love a change of seasons is I’m always inspired to change up my wardrobe.  Since we live in a fairly small apartment, our closet space is negligible.  But instead of letting that stop me, it’s actually helped me to shop more efficiently.  First of all, I decided that I’m only buying shoes overseas.  If you know me, you know that I love all kinds of shoes and sneakers, but the coolest ones come from Europe or South America, and I love having a shoe that no one else has.  So I actually told my husband that I’m limiting my shoe shopping to Scandinavia, but this might be a bit of a stretch however, I’m trying to stick to my rule of only purchasing shoes when traveling abroad.

And then my next plan for this year, instead of doing a general change of season shopping trip to the behemoth Sawgrass Mills mall here in SoFla, is to do a closet shop instead.  I’ve decided to take a weekend day (and I have no idea when I will find the time for this but I’ll try) and try to make up some new outfits in my existing closet, rather than just go buy new stuff.  I’m going to try to really focus and think outside the box rather than just cram new things in because I’m bored.  Will keep you posted!

In the meantime, these adorable pink flamingo Soludos inspire me, they’re sold out on Anthro but you can get them directly from Soludos here!

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