Picture This

I’ve blogged over and over again about my love for retro and portrait art (any portrait, doesn’t matter who it is) and I’m going to keep right on!  I’ve always been a sucker for a collage wall, and they’re so easy to make!  Ever hit up a garage sale or Goodwill?  While a lot of that old framed art is cheesy on its own, grouped together it suddenly becomes a cohesive statement of hip, eclectic chic!  Bonus tip:  it’s really easy to paint frames on art like this, just carefully lay in pages ripped from a magazine (it should be a magazine, not newspaper, because the pages are thicker and will lay flat – the thicker ad pages in a magazine work even better.  Then you can simply spray any metallic or colored spray paint over the frame, let it dry and peel out the magazine pages, voila!  Cluster artwork together, the more the merrier in this case!  The other option is one large statement piece which is super cool too but of course you want to be sure you pick something you really love.

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