Peonies Please!

So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, are you happy, excited, or dreading it? I would truly love to know, I’m a really bad Valentine’s Day-er tbh, I actually just bought my husband a card at the Dollar Tree (2 for a dollar, can’t beat it!) and that will probably be it! I’m just not a “Hallmark Holiday” kind of gal (that’s what my dad always called it), and I show my husband my love for him in lots of ways because I really do love him a lot! I just ask one thing of him on Valentine’s Day, I never want anything, I just always say “no roses please” lol I just, I don’t like roses. Now, were he to show up with a bouquet of peonies like these though, that would be another story! What about you, how will you celebrate Valentine’s (or Galentine’s!) Day?!

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