Peach + Cream




Peach (or sort of peach) and cream!  This is a fab color combo, and clearly sophisticated enough for an adult to pull off, that’s why I liked these, they’re pretty, chic and elegant without being too childish.  Apricot, champagne, coral, salmon, there’s tons of names for this shade, and I never think of wearing or using it in decor but I’m loving this inspiration.  Are you ready for Thanksgiving yet?  We still haven’t decided what to do, but it will be low-key for sure.  Today I have a day of painting furniture planned, as mentioned Friday, I moved a bunch of stuff into our apartment and it actually looks fantastic, but the colors are all wrong on a few items, I used to have red and pink and now I’m on to turquoise, so Home Depot, here I come! Hope you have something nice planned for the day, enjoy!

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