Oranjestad Azul

So I’m in beautiful Oranjestad, Aruba this weekend, for my stepson’s wedding.  I’m not a big fan of the Caribbean, I’m one of those people who has been here a million times, it feels like, just because it’s cheap and super easy to get to from where I live.  But Aruba is lovely, the key thing here is the gorgeous blue of the water, since it’s an island, the water is really shallow so the beaches are azul, azul, azul.  Kind of like these!  And it’s still wedding season in full swing, so if you’re looking for little gifties, both of these ceramic studios, Ignata Ceramics and Liquorice Moon have really beautiful ceramics, like Juliska-style, but a little more unique.  It’s the weekend, whatever you’re doing, enjoy!

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