Oooh Horses

Is it literally possible to drive by a pasture of horses and not exclaim “Oooohhh horses!”?  I think not!  I personally do the same thing with cows, even though here in Vermont there is no shortage of farm animals, I still get happy when I see them out grazing.  And while I told my husband “Mark my words, if I ever start talking about getting a horse, stop me right there” (the expense, the work, ha ha I think the equestrian life is better left to those who know what they’re doing and have more money and patience than me!).  But that doesn’t mean I don’t love equestrian and barn life details in interior design…  Can’t have horses?  How about a gorgeous mural of horses?!  I’m just loving these found wood accents, vegan cowhide rugs and beautiful barn-inspired details, minus having to muck out a stall!

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