On the Fringe

On the fringe! I’m generally a big fan of fringed things, distressed things and nubby things because I hate how clothes get worn out. So if I find something that is already distressed or has like, a rough texture, I usually buy it (one if not two of whatever it is) because I can’t stand how you buy a nice new sweater and after wearing it twice, it pills and stretches. Annoying! So if I can have something that is made to look a little ripped or faded, I don’t worry so much when it legitimately pills or fades.

That’s why I’m loving this fringe trend for summer! You can overdo it with fringe, but just a little bit, say on jeans, a skirt or sandals, and everything else in your outfit can be neat and tailored, and it adds a little trendy touch of boho. I like it! Now, on a more important note, since it can’t be all fringe all the time, what do you do to make your clothing stay looking fresh and new? I own every sweater shaver in the book and truly none of them really work, so I’d love some tips!

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