Olive That

Olive some of that!  Has anyone else noticed that artificial foliage is now on the list of design shortages?  I thought I was done with decorating our home, but once spring arrived, I realized that it’s awfully stark, you don’t notice in the winter when it’s all snowy and white outside, but once the snow melted and the leaves came back to the trees, I realized that I’m lacking greenery on the inside.  But when I started looking for some small artificial trees (my original hunt was for arborvitae pots) – nada!  I guess a good designer would start figuring out a way to grow some trees indoors, hence these olive beauties.  But my success with outdoor plants isn’t the greatest so I feel like I’m just asking for a pile of brown leaves on my living room floor if I even try ha ha!  I really wanted something that was fluffier on the bottom to hide a couple of outlets in my living room, but I’m so taken with these dignified olive trees that I might just change my mind if I can get my hands on some!  And failing that I guess I can plant an olive seed and see where it takes me!

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