Old Oud

I post a lot of modern, edgy black and white gallery walls, but I’m also truly charmed by vintage ones that manage not to look too pre-conceived like Urban Outfitters or too shabby like your great aunt’s spare bedroom. Oh! Speaking of which, did I ever share a great lesson I learned in graciousness and good manners? So back in my twenties, I moved into a rambling old apartment building in Virginia-Highlands in Atlanta. And my new next-door neighbor, Bernice (I still remember her name!), came over to welcome me with.. get this… a homemade macramé owl. Macramé!!! Now, this was long before it became retro chic, it was just a dusty old hoot owl at the time. So instead of graciously accepting the owl, I declined it (albeit graciously).

Anyway, my girlfriend who was there at the time was horrified! She later took me aside and said “If someone gives you something, you have to accept it! You don’t have to use it, but you have to take it!” I just told Bernice that I had no place for the owl and while it was kind of her, I would hate for it to go to waste. Well, lesson learned. She turned out to be a fine neighbor, but after my friend pointed out my faux pas, I felt really bad every time I saw her. But I couldn’t ask for the hoot owl back! Anyway, lesson learned.

My point. Take a look at these charming rooms. I’d say there’s room for a macramé hoot owl, wouldn’t you say?

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