Oh, Greenbrier!

Oh Greenbrier!  I saw today that one of my happy places in the world is closed (temporarily!) due to flooding.  I felt really sad, well, really sad for all of those who have lost their lives and homes in the West Virginia floods and sad for The Greenbrier.  If you don’t know about the Greenbrier Resort and you live on the East Coast, you really should.  The Greenbrier Resort, located in White Sulphur Springs, WV, is truly an amazing piece of American history.  Opened in 1913, the resort has hosted 26 American presidents and a multitude of dignitaries and returning guests.  During the Cold War, the Greenbrier hosted a secret, underground bunker meant to house the U.S. Congress in case of attack or nuclear strike.  You can actually tour the bunker, and it is seriously the coolest thing!  There’s a big painting that is supposed to look like Washington DC so that reports could be given as if nothing were wrong.

The Greenbrier features a world-class golf course (like I give a damn, but it does 😉 and a spa (much more my speed).  Best of all, from a design standpoint, the interiors are pure eye candy.  Originally designed by Dorothy Draper, the first to professionalize interior design, and the inventor of the “Modern Baroque” style (think mixing chartreuse and aubergine, or turquoise and fuchsia, if you follow The Deer you already know these are some of my fave combinations!).

It’s low-key yet luxurious, understated yet amazingly cool, timeless and totally hip.  Trust me on this, it’s not a see and be seen kind of spot, and it’s hard to get to but well worth the trip.  It’s a special, unique place and a total hidden gem of American history.  The Greenbrier has brought me great joy.  It’s closed right now as it recovers from the flooding (and is focusing on helping its neighbors by offering shelter and assistance from the flood devastation) but it will come back and when it does, it will surely be better than ever.  I love you, Greenbrier!


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