Oh, Blackpool





So, every now and again, some nice person sends me an email, telling me about their business, product, project, etc. and asks me if I will post about it.  I don’t do sponsorship on this blog (probably should but I just don’t have the energy), so if it’s like a form email I ignore it, but this lovely gentleman was super-sweet and cool and I LOVE what he is doing, so I just had to share.

In a nutshell, DeWayne Lumpkin is creating fabric from vintage British transit and double decker bus signs, and they are ah-maze.  This Anglophile destination roll fabric can be used for home furnishings or clothing, and it’s totally authentic, the whole thing has a really cool story behind it.  He is clearly very dedicated to both authenticity and ethical production, and it’s a really unique product.  So, what he is doing right now is funding a first-edition run of his Vintage British Transit Route sign fabric through Kickstarter.  Didn’t know that artists can use Kickstarter?  Well, they can!  He has some really amazing photography of his work on his Kickstarter page, as well as an in-depth description of what he is doing and how it all started.  I really, really urge you to check it out HERE and show him some love.
{all photos from Vintage British Transit Route Kickstarter page}




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