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Did you reorganize your office for the New Year?  I don’t know about you guys, but I am like, obsessively neat and I need my “area” to be neat and clean before I feel like I can do anything productive.  It’s like, calming to my mind to have my workspace organized, even when I’m super busy I take a minute to clear out my space (and that includes my virtual space too, like any randoms I have saved to my desktop, etc., they gotta go!).  So of course I did a big cleanup over the holidays, no redecorating but just getting things situated, so my mind is on workspaces and I found this amazing inspiration (if a boho workspace is your style), enjoy!

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  1. Nice images of your office space. Love your motivating message on the board! Office space should be comfortable and inspiring. Tough job keeping it tidy though!


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