Office Space

It’s so funny that I’m obsessed with home offices, because most of the time, I work from the couch. I know that sounds crazy, but I’ve arranged a way that is ergonomically correct for me (I think) and I actually love the minimalism of it, I’m sure everyone pictures me in some fancy office with an acrylic ghost chair and lots of flokati rugs (okay we do have lots of flokati because I put them everywhere to keep the cats from scratching the furniture) but I actually spend most of my time in the sunroom on the sofa with my feet on an ottoman and my macbook in my lap. I love it because it’s totally minimalist, my office is basically my computer, I don’t have a lot of extraneous other items, just my Lilly Pulitzer organizer; I travel a lot so it’s so much easier to just throw these 2 things in my backpack and go, no stress.

But harkening back to my theory that we all want what we don’t have, especially when it comes to interior design, I’m kind of obsessed with pinning office spaces on Pinterest and dreaming about the day I’ll have my own boho chic office (which for the record will never happen as I’m keeping our condo till the day I die, I love this place and I’m never leaving lol). So in the meantime I just enjoy pinning away, so happy to share some of these super chic spaces with you guys!

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