Not Your Grandma’s Gallery Wall

Definitely not grandma’s gallery wall!  I always wished we had better archival photos of our family, there’s a few grainy black and white shots from the 50s floating around here and there, but everyone looks really stiff and dour.  I did find out from my aunt’s genealogy search that I have a great, great, great Aunt Rooster ha ha go figure and if you know me irl, you will know that I most definitely take after Rooster!  Anyway!  I always wished we had some cool vintage portraits so I could blow them and create a cool and personal gallery wall, but we don’t, so I’m just really loving these ones here.  If you are lucky enough to have vintage portraiture, you can give it a modern edge by matting and framing it with a simple chic black frame.  I just love the look of these, so sharp!

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