Need It Like Neon

It’s been such a crazy year, who else is going nuts from staring at the same four walls in their wfh space?  I know a lot of design blogs will tell you to make your home office calm and muted so it’s a clean and relaxing space, but honestly after staring at Zoom squares all day, I feel like the thoughts in my head should be memorialized in neon, ha!  I know I’m not alone on this one! If you too are tired of boring wfh spaces, think neon!  Redfin has some fantastic ideas for decorating with neon, and your truly is quoted as well, so jazz things up and check it out! Neon signs are pretty easy to come by these days, Etsy in particular is a great source, so why not?! These are some of my faves, you can even get customized ones “Get me the hell out of this” comes to mind, lol, but we’re all going a bit nutty so why not memorialize it in neon? After all, why not?!

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