Natural and White




I got ahold of the spray paint can last week (ha ha no I’m not a huffer, but I think I mentioned that I had moved a bunch of stuff from storage into our apartment, I actually finally, at long last, got it looking pretty good – really good in fact).  My husband said “Oh, it looks so much bigger in here” which I could have told him because all interior designers know that rule, more stuff, properly arranged of course, often makes a room look bigger).  But I had changed from my old color scheme of fuchsia and orange (before this I had always lived in old houses so I need something to brighten things up – lots of dark floors and wood).  But here our apartment is brand-new and bright, tons of white, so I stuck to turquoise, silver and gold (hello spray paint) and of course, lots of white as well.  It looks good! It’s really amazing what a coat of fresh white paint or a metallic accent can do to brighten up a place.  So, enjoy my inspiration photos, I’d post real photos of our place but I’m a horrible photographer, but these are some of the inspo photos I used!

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