Moody Hues

I recently helped a girlfriend with picking paint colors for her kitchen.  It was an update, keeping the marble countertops and appliances, adding new floors (she went with a polished marble which I thought was a bold and elegant move) but the biggest issue was painting the island.  They originally were going with a deep, dark navy blue (you know the color, it’s almost black), but it turned out it was really a little too blue.  And I said that any shade of blue at all, you have to decorate around it.  So I feel like a deep, dark, saturated gray was really the way to go and it turns out that’s what they decided on.  So I was just feeling inspired by all the different shades of black and gray out there.  And if you can’t do all dark walls, I love the idea of dividing with wainscoting, or these galvanized tolix chairs, they both add a touch of drama while still keeping it light and polished.  And if your room is all dark, be sure to add some light, earthy accents like the flokati throws or a unique, colorful rug, they will warm it up.  Enjoy feeling inspired!

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