Monday Blues




Is it just me, or does everyone get the Monday blues?  I get it so badly, I actually don’t even enjoy Sunday because I’m so worried about Monday morning.  And I work for myself!!!  Is that just utter insanity, is it a holdover from school (which, to be honest I actually enjoyed, at least in retrospect), or is something seriously wrong with me?  I really do love what I do, and each project is different and therefore I really never get bored, and honestly, as I have said before, I would do this even if I didn’t get paid, graphic design is my number one hobby.  So I don’t hate my job.  I just get really bad Sunday and Monday depression.  I think the rest of the world does too though, I don’t think I am alone in this, so maybe it’s cultural.  I’ve even searched out articles on how to avoid this phenomenon, one article in the HuffPo said to do something fun on Sunday evening, but no, you’ll just find me watching Netflix with a pit in my stomach, like the rest of the world.  I should probably take some kind of action, but in the meantime, just posting some really lovely shades of blue, because if you have the blues, you might as well look good in them, right?!
{photo sources found on this Pinterest board}




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