Mindful Moments

Now that the New Year is upon us, I always take some time to revaluate my living space.  We are getting ready to head into the deep dark of winter up here in New England, and I’ve found that creating tiny mindful moments and vignettes makes every bit of difference getting through the cold, dreary months.  Little touches like electric candles lining up a staircase, a neatly stacked wall of wood (we have an electric fireplace but I love the look of raw stacked wood whether you actually use it or not), and a curated shelf work wonders to cozy up your space for the season.  One reason I’m such a big fan of bookshelves and mantels is that you can dress them up for each season, the basics remain the same, but you can use fall leaves for autumn, candles and warm white wood for winter, and whatever fresh cut flowers you can find for spring.  The key is to put thought into previously ignored spaces in your home, so that each mood moment is intentional.  Wishing everyone the happiest and most prosperous of New Years!

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