Mid-Century Modern

We had a great trip down to Coconut Grove yesterday, and drove home up U.S. 1 (which, if you’re so inclined, runs all the way to my other favorite town, Boston lol!).  Our friend that we were with is a south Florida native and gave us the greatest tour of all of the neighborhoods along the way.  Now, when you think of Miami you probably think of high-rise condos and art deco, and you would be correct.  So many of the original structures in Miami have been torn down, but there are still some neighborhoods left (and good luck finding a single family home in MIA, by the way, if you do and can afford it, you’re probably Steve Jobs and my hat is off to you).  But the neighborhoods that are left, like Miami Shores, are true hidden gems, many with the original circa 1940s and 1950s homes painstakingly renovated.  I was incredibly charmed, and it inspired me to post some of my favorite mid-century modern decor, enjoy!

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