Miami Bound

I’m headed back to Miami today, I’ve been going there more recently, it’s so weird because it’s like 25 minutes down the road (and when I say down the road I mean down 95 which is, well, it’s 95 lol, so that’s always fun) but sometimes I feel like I don’t take enough advantage of its proximity.  We’re doing better about that!  It’s a little sketch down there in the summer but in fall and winter it’s pretty fab.  A few things about Miami.  English is not the first language.  And don’t assume by the color of someone’s skin that they speak English or are American, in fact, if you’re light-skinned like me, you’re still more likely to be initially addressed in Spanish, or asked if you prefer Spanish or English, because duh, just because someone is white doesn’t mean they automatically speak English.  It’s filled with South Americans and Europeans who quite frankly look the same as any Midwesterner minus the fact that they’re probably wearing cooler shoes lol! It doesn’t bother me, yo soy Americano, but it’s probably the most global city in the country.

Other thing.  No one uses turn signals.  And I mean literally, this is like, a thing.  People in south Florida straight up do not use turn signals.  Everyone that lives here knows it, so you have to do like they taught you in 10th grade drivers ed and use a safety cushion because rest assured, that Maserati in front of you is going to slam on brakes and whip into that parking lot as sure as every chick at the Clevelander is going to be wearing a thong bikini.

It takes some getting used to, as someone who lived in New York and New England for many years I still sometimes find the whole thing an affront to the senses, it’s literally that over the top, but I’ve learned to embrace it and I particularly appreciate the design factor, lots of cool, creative stuff happening down there, so I’m sharing just a bit of inspiration that I found that reminds me of Miami and I hope whatever you’re doing this weekend, you have fun!




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