Memorial Day

God bless America!  I feel grateful, this year in particular, to be an American, I think we can all agree that it’s been a chaotic year politically, but I’m glad that everyone still has the right to free speech and the fact that if you’re not happy, there are steps you can take to change things.  Some countries don’t have that luxury, and part of the reason we do is because of those who gave their lives to protect our freedom.  I’ve been thinking about Memorial Day for some reason, and that it sort of seems wrong to say “Happy Memorial Day” since, as someone pointed out, it’s not Veterans Day, which is to honor those who served, it’s Memorial Day, to honor and remember those who actually perished to protect us.

Seeing as I would no more jump out of an airplane or walk willingly into anything even remotely scary (heck I don’t even like the haunted houses in Universal and they’re totally fake!) than I would jump off my own balcony, I feel immense gratitude for those who served fearlessly and bravely and I wish peace and blessings to their memories and families.

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