We all know that too much is never enough (well, at least when it comes to ice cream and microwave popcorn, which I consume at alarming levels nightly ha!).  But I always think of Scandinavian chic as very minimalist, blonde wood, clean lines, lots of cool space-saving tricks, so I’m really loving these Scandi-inspired maximalist rooms!  They have everything I love: Moroccan poufs, antlers (obvi), tolix chairs and stools, and crisp black and white accents.  My husband laughs at me because my throw pillows literally extend to the end of the bed (hint, if they give you a hard time with this, do what I do and tell them that it’s a ploy to keep the cats off the bed), so if I can combine my love of hygge and Scandi style with something over-the-top I’m totally happy!

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