Have you planned out all your holiday party outfits yet?  I spent about half an hour in the Walgreens cosmetics section the other night, killing time and checking out all the new party makeup (I’m a sucker for packaging!).  Nudes are still in of course, and all that Hunger Games-inspired space makeup (that’s what I call it, I feel like Hunger Games really wasn’t far from reality in how people are eventually going to look – remember, makeup is supposed to enhance what’s already there, not really alter it!!).  But here’s an offbeat color pick for your consideration – marsala!  I know it’s a little passé but I think it’s an out of the box pick for makeup, you have to be careful with any kind of eyeshadow in any pink tone lest you end up looking like a rabbit, but a bold, bright burgundy tone can be really dramatic and cool, think about it!

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