Happy Mother’s Day!  Truly it should probably be Mother’s Day every day, I mean, I don’t have children (by choice) and already I can barely manage my life, my sister has twins and I just, I can’t even imagine.  How do you get the time to do everything?!  The older I get, the more apparent it becomes how much impact parents have on their children, I’ve always felt like I am remarkably well-adjusted (the more people I meet, the more I’m like, wow girl, you actually are pretty calm and rational lol), and I credit this all to my parents.  They raised me without any weird hangups, and a lot of self-confidence.  So truly Mom should be getting like, flowers every day just for that!  But there are a million things she did for me that I remember, the one I am thinking about today, we were kind of poor for awhile growing up, and she let our cat have a litter of kittens, and let us keep them!  There wasn’t a ton of extra money for cat food and vet visits but those kittens made us so happy for so long, ha!  For that and so many other things, I’m still so grateful.

I had a very sick father this year too (still pretty sick) and my heart goes out to everyone who no longer has their mother with them.   Prayers for your comfort and peace today if this day is a struggle, not a celebration.  God bless.



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