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Makers Gonna Make!

Makers gonna make! It’s been a week of uncertainty in the world, but one thing we’re certain about is that the world will go on, this too shall pass and makers gonna make! Nothing can deny the creative spirit, and in fact in times of trouble people have consistently turned to art and design to comfort and heal, it’s very therapeutic!

I’ve been hard at work this week trying to assist creatives and small businesses with great continuity ideas, and I’ve put together a series of social media templates to help blogs and business get the word out: “We’re still here!”

We will be adding more weekly, I’m trying to design them so that they fit all different brand lines, if you have a particular request or idea let me know in the comments, these can be used for any type of business and they’re free! You can view of our free downloads here, and most importantly, keep creating!

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