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Happy Thanksgiving!  I have a lot to be grateful for this year, and daily gratitude is a big part of the spiritual program that I follow, so I’m used to being on the lookout for the silver lining in things.  I lost my dad less than two weeks ago, it was a long road and I’ve blogged several times about taking care of him and how difficult it was.  But even in his death I can see so much gratitude, for some reason, on the day that he died, I felt compelled to turn around and go back to his house one more time, and when I did, he actually decided he wanted to shave so he let me help him.  And that’s my last memory of him.  What a gift!  

So I guess that’s my point, gratitude is everywhere, if you’re open to seeing it.  So I try to carry a little bit of Thanksgiving gratitude with me every day, and I hope you guys do too.  It’s humanly impossible to treat every day like it’s someone’s last, but today at least we can try to tell everyone we care about how important they are and how much we love them.  And I want to tell you all how important you are to me, and how grateful I am for each of you, that give me the opportunity to help you and build beautiful designs for you, I’m honored and thankful.  Happy Thanksgiving! 

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