How to Make Pink Modern

how to make pink modern
Decorating with pink can be tricky.  You rarely see it anywhere outside of a little girl’s room, because it’s one of those colors that has such a statement.  But there are ways to do it without being too sickly sweet or over the top.  Here is some fantastic, grown-up pink inspiration and ideas.
how to make pink modern

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  1.  Incorporate bold graphics.  To give pink a modern, fresh feel, incorporate some bold graphics.  If you start with a pink base (pink wall, pink rug, pink duvet) make sure to break it up with graphic touches.  A beni ourain rug is a great option if you have tile or hardwoods, it tones down the sweetness of the look with its handmade feel and neutral colors.  Also stripes or geometric prints that are almost masculine in feel break up the pink overload.
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  2. Try just one pink item.  If you love pink but your husband or significant other hates it (understandable), try just one pink item.  It can be a pillow, an upholstered chair, a piece of art that incorporates pink, or even, as in this case, just a cool boutique bag.  There’s no other pink in the above vignette, but yet the Acne bag dominates the photo, so you get that pink vibe without it being full-on, over the top.
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  3. Make it elegant.  If you’re going to do pink and  you’re over the age of 16, what you pair it with is super important.  So, if you’re going to incorporate pink into a room, make sure that the surrounding furnishings are super clean and elegant.  For example in the above shot, the clean modern lines and elegant statuary tone down the pink, moving it from girly to sophisticated.  No ruffles allowed!

It’s easy to make pink modern if you love it and are willing to think outside the box and follow a few tips.  I never have loved the idea of a man cave or diva den, I like the idea of families having common spaces to enjoy and hang out in together, so it’s cool when you can incorporate the things you all love into your common areas.

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