Make It Mustard

It’s not just a condiment!  Mustard has always been one of my favorite colors to wear, I love a bright, deep yellow (or orange) accent, and whether it works with my skin tone or not, I’m mad about mustard.  But it looks amazing in interior decor as well.  Consider this.  If you have just one deep mustard accent (and mustard goes wonderfully with black and white, or neutrals), you can decorate around it with gold accents.  The gold (or really any kind of reflective glass or mirrors) will reflect the deep yellow and give you that gorgeous, golden amber glow.  Some of these shots don’t even really have mustard but with all of the gold, you can definitely feel the warm, welcoming vibes, hold the ketchup please!

{ photo source: 1 | 2 | 3 }


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