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Make an Entrance

It’s been years since I’ve lived in a home with an entranceway, we’ve totally downsized (though now I’m adding a second condo to my real estate “empire” – I use that term loosely – eekk!). Last year I was going on about how much stuff I had gotten rid of and preaching minimalism, so I’m actually a little sick about buying another place, BUT, it’s furnished already AND, the really exciting news, you guys are actually going to be able to RENT IT OUT if you want – more on that later. But, my little Vermont retreat can be yours too, albeit temporarily lol.

Anyway, we don’t need a mudroom or coat racks down here in South Florida, but up in New England you surely do, you can’t just tromp in the house with wet and mud-covered Hunters and Canada Goose right? So I’m just in the mood to feature some of my favorite entranceways/mudrooms of late, loving these tiny elegant touches and sleek Scandinavian style!

{ photo source: 1 | 2 | 3 }



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