Make an Entrance

I didn’t start looking at entryways until we started thinking about building our own house (probably a pipe dream, but still), and I noticed so many of the plans have an entryway. It’s really a necessity in New England, you really need a mudroom at the minimum for boots and snow, but I’m partial to these more elegant (though less practical) solutions. So don’t ignore your entryway! You all know my appreciation for gallery walls, and if you can’t pull one off on a large wall, and entryway is a great alternative.

I love a little bench or settee for an entryway, you just don’t want it to get all junked up with clutter, but it can be a nice place to sit down and remove your boots, but if there’s not enough room, a little la lune table is a great choice too, and you can put a pretty little dish on it for car keys and such. Anyway, with fall and winter around the corner (although who wants to think of that!), now is a great time to think about how you can zhush up your entrance! After all, it’s the first thing people see!

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