Made Up



Didn’t you just want to stay in bed this morning?  Even though I don’t really have to get up at a certain time, I know I did!  Then I got up and saw that David Bowie died which is just, it’s just tragic.  I literally cried when I heard, he was such an icon and such a soundtrack of my entire life.  What you’re wearing today probably at some point was influenced by him.  I saw him at Roseland in NYC back in like 2003, and we got to sit in the V.I.P. and Iman was there and she was just, spectacular.  So they’re a super-glam rock star couple but he seemed to be kind as well, and maintained his creativity up to the end.  This post wasn’t meant to be about David Bowie, but you know what?  I’m glad it was.  God bless you.
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