Made Up

I love pretty makeup, and the packaging is what makes it gorgeous!  I love these photos but this is a little too much makeup for me (I know, is there such a thing?!).  But I’ve pared down my makeup routine in a big way as I age, and I’m so much happier. 

I really focus on my skin and regularly get fillers, dermaplaning and peels to keep it in as good a shape as it can be.   My total secret weapon though is Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.  I use the #7 which is one of the most popular colors but you can go to the Saks counter and they will help you find the right one.  Ya’ll!  This is the best!  I cannot say how it smoothes out my skin and covers imperfections, it’s amazing.  Then I just let it sit for a little bit to sink in and I pat on some Bare Minerals (the matte powder not the luminous one which makes me too shiny). 

Then I do the tiniest bit of contour with the $6 ELF palette (mainly I dab the white on my cheekbones and under my eyebrows.  I finish off with filling in my brows with those little red Maybelline pencils and I brush some clear mascara over them to keep them in place.  

And then my last thing is lipstick, lipstick is the one thing I do NOT go out without.  Ever!  But I use all cheap stuff except for the foundation and then I guess the Bare Minerals is kind of mid-range price.  Anyway, you can check out some of my faves below, trust me less is more! 

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