Love Is Not Cancelled

Weddings may be a little tougher this year, but love is not cancelled! I have felt so bad for all of the brides out there this year, how absolutely disappointing to have to cancel or postpone your wedding! But as the summer goes on, I see more and more weddings on instagram, smaller ones, perhaps (as someone who had a 20-person wedding, I’m all for small!). But the love and attention to detail remains, if you had to dial back the guest list, instead think about the tiny things you can still focus on: tablescapes, invitations, maybe there are some special things you wanted but couldn’t have due to having to feed and water 100+ people. Invitations and all of the graphic design touches are always my favorites at a wedding anyway, it’s all of those things I love to see how creative people get. But having had a wedding and an elopement in my life I can for sure say this, the details of the day fades, but the love stands steadfast.

Or maybe you’ll just go big in 2021! Whatever you do, treasure those around you, it’s people that matter the most.

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