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Living + Dining

Just some fabulous living and dining rooms.  Continental, chic, clean, pristine, these are just some of the best examples of interior design I’ve seen lately.  If you’ve been following the blog you know that we’re moving, it’s crazy ya’ll, even though we hired movers to pack everything, you know it’s never fun.  But once we get everything situated, the fun part (the design) comes in.  The gray I picked is too blue, and the aqua is too aqua, but I’m hoping once our stuff gets in I’ll be able to live with it (color is oddly not my forte).  But I think it will be good in the end, can’t wait to share pix with ya’ll in the meantime, enjoy my inspiration!

Also, on another note, in July 2018 Google Chrome will start adding a small “not secure” note in the address bar of blogs and websites without an SSL certificate installed.  Many hosts offer a free SSL certificate, you can follow my tutorial here on how to add an SSL to your blog or website.

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    I will apply it on my site,


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