Little Touches

Ya’ll! Let’s talk for a minute about Diptyque candles. Are they not… the best… candles ever? On that I think we can all safely agree (though if you have a better option I would seriously love to hear it, I’m crazy for candles!). My favorite is Figuier, I love anything fig-scented and I’m really addicted to these. But the best thing about Diptyque, I think, is that, when they’re all burned down and that good candle smell is gone, it’s like, such a decorating thing to keep and use the jars. You see them everywhere, holding makeup brushes or small utensils, sitting around casually saying “Yes, my owner can afford $100 candles, and what of it?”

So maybe you’re not the type to spend $100 on candles (and seriously, who could blame you for that?), but I’m always so charmed and fascinated by the tiny little personal touches that go into professional interior design and make a house truly a home. Mirrors, vases, candles, tiny, eclectic figurines, it’s really the finishing touch on any type of aesthetic design. It’s like going to a nice hotel, sure, there might be a stunning armchair or clever drapes or super edgy lamps, but there’s nothing personal there (because, ha ha, people would steal it). At least I think that’s why. So I love to recognize and make note of hip little vignettes when I find them, these are some of my faves of late, enjoy!

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