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Little Accents




Little accents!  Today I’m loving the minimal neck scarf.  It’s actually more a bandana, but it’s not over the top, you don’t want a scarf that’s too bulky or heavy, think a traditional bandana or light silk, so it’s perfect for fall weather.  You can pair it with a necklace or two, or keep it simple, and wear it alone.  The other big positive is this isn’t difficult to pull off, you don’t need a fancy scarf-tying tutorial, just lightly twist and knot.  I love this look with a button-down or a crewneck, and it’s a great way to add a pop of color.  I’m a big scarf fan myself, scarves are great little items to pick up when traveling, they take up zero space in a suitcase and they don’t get tangled like jewelry (I’m always open to any jewelry packing tips btw!).  I haven’t quite gotten around to the wrist or ankle scarf yet, I don’t think I’m fashionista enough to pull it off.  How about you, any good scarf tips?

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