Light, Bright Winter

The dark cold months of deep winter are ahead, and now’s the time to lighten it up!  The good thing about winter and snow is that there are no branches on trees to block out the sunlight, and if you are lucky enough to live somewhere where there’s lots of snow, the sun reflects so beautifully off of the white that winter days can be some of the most cheerful of the year!  Capitalize on the light with light, bright decor if you can.  I’m loving these light, airy farmhouse vibes, I always love a collected white shelf, shelves are so great because you can style them up for the seasons with tiny botanical touches or your favorite holiday decor.  And forget evergreens, I love tiny lighted branches and florals in winter, it’s an unexpected cheerful touch!  If you prefer something a bit more dramatic, a zebra print rug and dramatic bold credenza give a fab touch of drama to otherwise bland decor!

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