Who has been handwriting letters during this time? I’ve gotten a few cards, and it’s so sweet, I love how people are getting back to more old-fashioned things like hand writing cards or letters and picking up the phone. My voicemail actually says “Please don’t call me, I only accept texts” because there is nothing I hate more than talking on the phone, but I do force myself to at least call my mom even though she’s a good texter, and I’ve called a few older friends who are so happy to receive a call.

Now is a great time to send letters though, I’ve really tried hard not to go out to the stores but there are so many fabulous online resources and shops to order your cards from. I was taught to always write a thank you note and I still definitely do this, I would never just send a text to thank someone, but I’m trying to incorporate more regular card-writing into my quarantine routine! What about you, are you a letter writer? A phone caller? Or strictly a texter? I’d love to hear what you’re doing to stay close during these times!

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