Keep the Holly in Holidays

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Keep the Holly in Holidays

So last year I literally kept my Christmas tree up till probably March!  I know it sounds kind of crazy, but I had my decorations up before Thanksgiving, and they stayed and stayed.  I knew that it was going to be a winter we were both inside most of the time due to the pandemic (and heck we live in a place where it stays below zero a good portion of winter anyway!).  So I decided to make it as festive as possible for as long as possible.  But this year I don’t plan to leave the tree up after New Year’s, but I am a big fan of leaving some holiday decor up all through the winter.  So here are some ideas of things you can do to keep that holiday feeling going all through the winter without it looking too over-the-top Christmas.  Because really, is there anything more depressing than taking down those Christmas lights and heading into some of the shortest, darkest days of the year?  I think wreaths can definitely stay through the duration of the winter, and think outside the box with things like beaded wood garlands or tiny branch bundles.  And don’t forget the sparkling white lights, I love to hide the cords by nestling them into a garland, and it’s multi-seasonal as well.  So get creative, and keep that holiday glow going!

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