Kate’s Got It!

So, I must have been under a rock (well, I wasn’t under a rock, I’ve been in Europe, but that’s even less of an excuse for not knowing about Kate Young Design).  In my quest for Scandi style I have completed overlooked her utter brilliance!  According to her site, Kate is French but lives in England, but her style is pure Scandinavian love (I blogged before about hygge, or the Scandinavian trend of making everything warm and cozy, sort of the Danish version of umami).  Anyway, Kate has mastered hygge in spades, but what I love about her style is the boho edge she adds to all her looks, so none of them are in your face cute or too sterile either.  Here are a few of my fave picks from her instagram, do yourself a favor, check out her site and definitely, most definitely, follow her on Instagram!).

{ all photos @kateyoungdesign }





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