Kate’s Got It

So I’m pretty much finished with the decorating of our walls, which of course means that now I’m going to run across every little thing that I wish I had bought or done, isn’t that always how it goes?!  One of my favorite pieces is a canvas of Kate Moss smoking a blunt (alright, let’s just say an English cigarette lol), my sweet husband pretty much gave me carte blanche on the art because he trusts me, if I had said “honey, we’re going to have a photo of Kate Moss smoking a cigarette in our dining room” he would be like “no way.”  But!  I ordered it, hung it up, and when he saw it he was like yeah!  Like, there’s nothing else it could be there, right?!  

Anyway, here’s some of my fave similar artwork if you’re also so inclined, enjoy! 

{ photo source: 1 | 2 | 3 }


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