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Just a Little More Love

So Valentine’s Day is over but I’m still riding that Valentine’s high!  My sweet husband surprised me with a beautiful ring – he is a great husband with a generous heart and I’m fortunate, his taste and mine do not always mesh and this he knows, but he did a good job!  And quite frankly I would be happy with a gumball machine piece of jewelry from this guy, he’s that good of a husband (now if he could just stop losing my socks when he does laundry, we’d be in good shape!).  Just kidding.  He’s a lot older than me so I really treasure every day we get to spend together, truly.

So I’m still feeling the love and wanted to share these darling Valentine’s cookies I found from German blogger Käthe here.  Gorgeous!  I’m still enjoying my leftover Winn Dixie cupcakes, nothin’ fancy like this, I hope everyone has a wonderful, lovestruck weekend!





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