Just Beachy




Pretty much every year, I meet my sister and her family at Saint Simons Island.  It’s a great time, I don’t see them as much as I would like.  But why oh why does my beach vacation never look like this?!  Seriously, if you took a snapshot of our beach setup, you would see the following:  crappy folding beach chairs from Home Depot that fold up like a knapsack (actually super convenient).  Mismatched beach towels.  A cooler with about an inch of sand in the bottom and melted ice.  Beach toys in various states of disrepair.  A deflated raft that no one wants to blow up.  A pair of those 1990s-style water shoes (MINE!) because I am terrified of stepping on a stingray.  It’s not that glam of a scene, but life isn’t always like Pinterest now, is it?  I will be having fun, and wish me luck on the stingray (I am sure this is an irrational fear ;).
{photos found on pinterest.com}



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