Jungle Life

True confession:  my thumb is black.  I’m totally okay with this, and have come to accept that I’ll never be one of those people who has a gorgeous tiny English garden because (a) I don’t live in England (b) I only have a balcony (c) it would die!  I have exactly two plants in my house, and both live out on the balcony, I don’t even know what they’re called but I only bought them because they look the least like palms or tropical plants which is all you see in south Florida, which I’m sick of.  I also bought them so they can block the cat boxes (classy, yes?) that live on the balcony as well.  But even those two plants give me agita, the leaves turn brown and sticky, sometimes they shed, if I don’t carefully water them the water overflows and goes on the neighbors’ balcony (I guess this is a pot thing but still).  So I know I’m not qualified to have more than those two guys.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t admire a room full of greenery!  Here are some of my favorite indoor jungles lately from Pinterest, enjoy!

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