It Was All Yellow

When I was about 5, my parents bought their first big house. We had a little house before, but finally they were doing well and could afford something bigger, nicer, in a better neighborhood, etc. Exciting! And they asked me what color I wanted my room to be, and I chose yellow. I loved it ya’ll, it was sunshine yellow with matching avocado and gold 70s curtains yeah! Keep in mind this was the 80s, but whatever lol. Anyway, yellow has always been my favorite color, even though I don’t wear it or decorate with it myself, so I’m always on the lookout for yellow used well in interior design.

These rooms totally fit the bill, and it’s because they’re not actually yellow, they just use it as an out of the box accent color, which is honestly something I never think to do. But paired with gray, turquoise or navy, you can really see the pop and impact, brilliant! What’s your fave accent color to use in decor? Leave me a comment below!

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