Is it Worth It? Let Me Work It

My whole entire work career for the most part was wfh, so the pandemic really didn’t affect my day to day at all.  It has its good points and bad (mostly good I think!) but maybe one of the bad parts is I’m never fully happy with my home office setup.  I’m forever redecorating at least in my mind, and every time I find a new batch of office inspo, I start mentally redecorating.  As a big fan of boho, I love these spaces but I wonder if, in reality, they would be a little too distracting.  I like a clean, neat simple office space because I need simplicity to focus, but then I think oh how cool would it be to be surrounded by awesome vignettes and little inspirations?  Anyway, I’m inviting you to my little slice of boho office life, what do you think, boho chic or chic simplicity?

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