Instagram Roundup Vol. 17

Agh! It’s been an insane week! I have driven 22 hours for hurricane evacuation, successfully moved house, closed on our new condo, and in between all that, billed out almost a month’s worth of work already. Is it shocking that I’ve been googling “best undereye concealers”?! Seriously, agh. All good stuff but it’s been intense (and seriously, I look like I’ve been on a week-long bender I don’t know what people here in Vermont think lol). I have managed to stay pretty faithful to posting on instagram however, if you missed it, here’s a little roundup of some of my fave posts from the week (and you might find an undereye concealer in there too lol), my goal for this week is easy does it, really, really hoping I can pull that off. If you missed any of my posts, don’t forget to follow me here, I’d love to have you!


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