Instagram Roundup Vol. 16

Just a few shots from my weekly instagram posts (and yes I do realize the irony that I just the other day posted about how much I hate instagram lol) but I do love it for this! I love to share work, it’s just one more portfolio platform for me so that part is fun. I’m also starting a personal instagram account for our Vermont life, my whole instagram honestly is New England instagrammers anyway, I mean, it’s all I follow, which made the decision to move part-time to Vermont kind of a breeze, I love every aspect of New England (minus the horrible cold winters and springs lol), the gorgeous red brick of Beacon Hill in Boston, the Grey Ladies of Nantucket, the topsails of Portland, the green hills of Vermont and that’s all I really want to look at when I take a break from the day to scroll my instagram. So I’m going to join in the fun since hopefully there will be more photographable places up there than there are down here (tattoo parlors and pawn shops anyone? LOL!). I’ll keep you posted when that goes live but in the meantime, enjoy my LBD insta account, you can follow and join me anytime here.

Happy Saturday!


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